Gaming has always been a huge part of my life, which I guess is where the story of Project Defenders began. As a kid, I dreamed of making my own video game someday. I would draw out maps on graph paper, make up spells and attacks for characters, and come up with unique stories for these characters to experience. A couple of things always held me back, namely the coding and graphical aspects. Despite these handicaps, I decided that I want to push forward and create something fun with the limited knowledge I have.

This is Project Defenders

The name is merely a placeholder, but it’s the best I’ve got right now. Basically, you play as a soldier defending a town from waves of monster attacks. In between waves you can shop for items and equipment, rest at the inn to restore your HP, MP, and status, and hire new party members that will help you combat these threats. The idea was to take the 2D top-down turn-based RPG and condense the experience into something short and fun. It is a small game, and as such, there is no story to note. Projects Defenders is conceptually small-scope, designed to be playable in both short bursts or long-term sessions alike.

The Game Engine

I am using RPG Maker MV to develop this game. Most people think of RPG Maker as nothing but a hobbyist’s game dev tool, but it checks all of the boxes I need to make this game. Building a 2D RPG combat system would take ages in something like Unity. Since I am not familiar with C# or programming as a whole, I want to start small and build a knowledge base before committing to larger projects.


Eventually, I plan to host this game on my website and add new features over time. These features will be available in the base game:

  • Play as Marty the sword-swinging soldier as he protects the town from hordes of enemies.
  • 2D top-down RPG gameplay with a focus on resource management and allocation.
  • Simple enough to play for short bursts or longer stretches–no two runs will be the same, encouraging replayability.
  • Rounds of intense turn-based battles with short breaks to take advantage of shops, inns, and other facilities.
  • A plethora of spells, equipment, and skills to take on increasingly challenging opponents.
  • Community forums for players to document and share their discoveries with others.

Stretch Goals

If this project can get enough support, I plan on adding additional content as time goes on and I am able to work on the project more. Here are some ideas I have:

  • Additional playable characters with their own specific skills and magic sets.
  • Additional maps to select from.
  • Epic boss battles for legendary gear

What Do You Think of Project Defenders?

Are you interested in Project Defenders? If so, keep an eye out for my Devlogs on YouTube. I post them there once a week and plan to share dev builds of the game publicly on my website. Be sure to look for the link when I’m ready to share it! What kind of features do you want to see in this game? Be sure to let me know; all feedback is appreciated, and be sure to subscribe to my blog for more great content!