february update on creative projects

An Update on My Creative Projects in 2021

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am working on a bunch of creative projects in 2021, so I just wanted to share an update on how everything is going. In fact, I have kind of lost track of all the random stuff I have in the works, so I thought I would write a blog about some of them just to outline it all and get my thoughts straight. Here are some of the many creative projects I am working on in 2021.

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before and after my fitness journey

My Fitness Journey in 2020 and Beyond

My closest friends know that 2020 was a particularly trying year for me (for reasons completely unrelated to COVID). At the end of 2019, I went through a devastating breakup, was experiencing a dependence on alcohol as a coping mechanism, and was significantly overweight. I took it upon myself to use 2020 as a catalyst for change in my life. This change led me to adopt a lifestyle that focuses on physical and mental health–and boy am I glad I did. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from my fitness journey in 2020.

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