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Short stories, novels, video games, graphic design projects, and other creative outlets for my skills.

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The J. Louis Creative Blog

Short articles, think pieces, ponderings, and other content to get you thinking about your own work and lifestyle.

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Hey there! I'm Josh.

I am a reader, writer, gamer, communications manager, and academic support specialist. Originally from central New York, I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
A little about me:
  • Memelord: I love to laugh.
  • Dog Dad: I only talk about him about 90% of the time.
  • Fitness Nut: I can throw a mean punch.
  • Nintendo Nerd: I can and will talk about it for hours, if you let me.
I'm a nice guy with a lot to say. Why not take a moment to read about my story?
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I Write About Stuff

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Topics include self-help, goal setting, building routines and habits, and so much more. You might even get some dog pictures and other random nonsense that may or may not add value to your life.


Topics include best practices in writing of all kinds, including both academic and creative work. I might even share my own writing here from time to time, as well as ideas for inspiration.


Topics include just about anything related to gaming and nerd culture. Find out what games have impacted me in a significant way, as well as what I have my eye on moving forward.


Topics include YouTube channels, musicians, podcasts, television shows, movies, and other forms of consumable media that do not fit into the other blog categories. I am, after all, a serial consumer.


Topics include literature, my current reading list, inspiration from books I am reading, and upcoming releases that I am excited for. There is no better way to learn how to write than to read.


Topics include… well, who knows? Everyone has random thoughts and ideas. This could include my journaling exercises should I decide to share them with the world, along with other miscellaneous stuff.

Check out the Too Meta Podcast.

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