project defenders first image

Project Defenders: An Introduction

Gaming has always been a huge part of my life, which I guess is where the story of Project Defenders began. As a kid, I dreamed of making my own video game someday. I would draw out maps on graph paper, make up spells and attacks for characters, and come up with unique stories for these characters to experience. A couple of things always held me back, namely the coding and graphical aspects. Despite these handicaps, I decided that I want to push forward and create something fun with the limited knowledge I have.

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reading list 2020

My Reading List in 2020

Since 2020 was basically a wash for going out and doing things, I used it as an opportunity to take a crack at my 2020 reading list. I make it a habit to read before bed with a cup of hot tea, as I find it relaxes me and gets me ready to go to sleep. As such, I do a lot–and I mean a LOT–of reading. Here are some of the books I read in 2020, as well as what I thought about them as a whole.

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before and after my fitness journey

My Fitness Journey in 2020 and Beyond

My closest friends know that 2020 was a particularly trying year for me (for reasons completely unrelated to COVID). At the end of 2019, I went through a devastating breakup, was experiencing a dependence on alcohol as a coping mechanism, and was significantly overweight. I took it upon myself to use 2020 as a catalyst for change in my life. This change led me to adopt a lifestyle that focuses on physical and mental health–and boy am I glad I did. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from my fitness journey in 2020.

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